We have been in the market for a new home ... and are anticipating a move this summer. I work with computers and websites and this site is very impressive. My hats off to the IT Team that designed this site. If as much care and information is put into your work as you do with your website, all I've got to say is you must have one helluva' business. I've seen twenty five to thirty real estate websites thus far but none compare to this in any way, shape or form. I don't know if this will reach the people you work for but I hope it does. It's blown the twenty five to thirty websites I visited right out of the water. Not to sound to crude but it's finally nice to go to a website where they really care. Thanks, John G. Bartlett

Rudy stepped in and got my house appraised, listed and approved for the sale price

"I was overseas when a friend recommended Rudy to sell my property that was underwater in value. He worked closely with my friend and gave her all the necessary advice and potential issues I was facing with trying to work with my bank directly for a loan modification. I had applied 4 times for a loan modification and even consulted a home loan modification organization. Rudy stepped in and got my house appraised, listed and approved for the sale price that he felt it would sell for in that area. In all, it took just a few months for Rudy to list and sell the property. Thanks Rudy for a great and wonderful job."

-- Mr. Rodriguez, VIP Home Seller Client, Pomona, CA

- Mr. Rodriguez

Rudy and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and responsive

"Rudy and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. He assisted my wife and I selling our rental property through a short sale process. He made us feel secure and confidence going through a process that was foreign to us due to his comprehensive knowledge of the process. He is also very patient and straight forward in explaining everything. He does not try to sugar coat any thing just to get our business. All in al, we are very pleased with the service provided by Rudy and his team."

-- Steve, VIP Home Seller Client, Rosemead, CA.

- Steve

Rudy guided me throughout the whole process

Rudy and his team assisted me in purchasing a condo that was listed on a short-sale in 2011. Although it was my first time purchasing a real property, Rudy made me feel very confident with the purchase. He guided me throughout the whole process, starting from the process of obtaining a pre-approval until the closing. When we encountered some issues in the middle of the process due to a lawsuit that the HOA of the building had brought up against the developer, Rudy never gave up on us and he was able to help us finally obtained the property at a great price! Not only that, he was also willing to share some investment tips for my family. Rudy always adapt his research to what my family and I want, which I really loved as it saved a lot of our time. I really recommend Rudy and his team to anyone who is looking for a house!

-- Angelia G VIP Home Buyer Client, Marina Del Rey, CA.
P.S.Knowing that Rudy is so awesome and reliable, I decided to have him help my family obtain another investment property in 2012. Selling my house on short sale for the 1st time.

- Angelia G

Rudy is very knowledgeable and skillful in the field

"Rudy is very knowledgeable and skillful in the field. He is also a very helpful person. Overall, I'm very satisfied with his service and most likely i will use his service again for my next real estate deal!"

-- Sandy C., VIP Home Buyer Client, Real Estate Investor.

- Sandy C

Rudy has a wealth of information and expertise in dealing with a myriad of different sellers and agents

Buying a home in this area was a long and arduous process for us. Rudy and his team made it possible. He has a wealth of information and expertise in dealing with a myriad of different sellers and agents. With a long vacation lined up on our end, Rudy had his dateline. It was an unforgettable day when he handed us the key to our very own house! Thank you, Rudy for an excellent work!

-- John H VIP Home Buyer Client, San Gabriel, CA. 

- John H

Rudy's knowledge is second to none

Buying a first home could be an overwhelmed experience but Rudy helped a lot throughout the whole process. His knowledge is second to none and he explained all the information that we need prior to the purchase. He is very skillful and helpful. He makes the buying process so breeze and almost hustle free. We are very satisfied with the service that he provides. Thank you so much for your dedication to provide an excellent service. We will recommend him to our family and friends who is in the market for home purchasing. Thank you Rudy!

-- Lucas T Chino, CA. 

- Lucas T Chino

Rudy never loses sight of the end objective and he will work tirelessly on your behalf

"The short-sale process can be filled with highs and lows, nail-biting waiting periods and mad dashes for data and documents, along with the full spectrum of emotions. Fortunately, in Rudy you have a business partner who understands all the processes and timelines and who is so committed to customer service that he becomes a friend. Rudy is there to explain, encourage, cajole, and advocate. He never loses sight of the end objective and he will work tirelessly on your behalf. I frankly cannot imagine how I would have gotten through this without him. He is truly remarkable!"

-- Thomas LaFrance 

- Thomas LaFrance

Rudy managed to do the impossible with my property in San Bernardino

"Rudy helped short sale my investment house in San Bernardino. In the current market condition and difficulty in short selling a house, Rudy managed to do the impossible with my property in San Bernardino. This property is located in as tough a neighborhood as one can imagine, but Rudy managed to skillfully bring all the different players on the same wagon and get the wheels rolling. Top notch negotiation skills with 1st and 2nd lender caving in to our requests and demands. I am not sure any other realtor can do what he just successfully did for my house. He is THE Short Sale Master! Awesome work!"

--Ian, Homeowner & Real Estate Investor, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

- Ian

I would highly recommend Rudy to anyone and everyone

"Rudy is a very energetic and enthusiastic person who loves what he does and is fun to work with. I found his knowledge and skills to be impressive and have learned much from him through the sale of this property and purchase of a couple others. He is a person of integrity and sincerely enjoys helping others. I would highly recommend Rudy to anyone and everyone and know I will be working with him on my future deals"

-- John O'Dowd, Orange County, CA. 

- John O'Dowd

Rudy has a 30-day marketing plan to sell your house fast at top dollar

"Selling a home today takes more than just hiring any agent. It takes more than giveaways and tricks to get a house sold for top dollar. It requires hiring a professional agent with a solid marketing plan who works harder, longer, and smarter than the competition... Rudy has a 30-day marketing plan to sell your house fast at top dollar"

-- Ms. Wen, San Gabriel

- Ms. Wen

No Other Realtor Comes Close

No Other Realtor Comes Close. I spent 9 months trying to sell my beautiful home in Pasadena; total failure + exhaustion. Then I found Rudy, who not only sold my home in "one weekend," but "pulled the curtain" on the shenanigans among "some" real estate agents. "Pulled the curtain," just like in the 1939 film, "The Wizard of Oz" (Toto, the dog pulls the curtain on the old guy). Rudy "educated" me!! ....empowered me!! That's the mark of A+++ realtor: sells your property without hassle, finds your dream home, AND "enlightens you on the subcultural world of real estate agents and the market". Best wishes always my friend.

-- Mr. Ricardo Stanton-Salazar, Pasadena, CA. (May 30, 2012)

- Mr. Ricardo Stanton

Rudy Kusuma is the best

"Rudy Kusuma is the best. He stands above the rest. On a scale of 1 - 5, Five (5) being the highest I would give Rudy 100 plus stars and that still wouldn't be enough to truly describe the high level of service I received from Rudy.
I am a realtor in another state and have met and worked with many realtors over the years. I came to Alhambra, San Gabriel Valley to list my deceased family member's property. Choosing Rudy was the smartest decision I could have made. Rudy delivered. He did everything he said he would do and more. He knows his stuff. He knows the market, the nuances of the area, the what when and how of investment property, the process, the negotiations, the pricing and more. He could tell me what it would sell for,when it would sell and how the time line would occur at our first meeting. Highly responsive, he was in contact with me 2 and 3 times a day. When I had a concern. His response was always. "Don't worry I will take care of it", and he always did.
It sold and closed within weeks. Thank you Rudy for making this sale easy and smooth and for your high integrity and professionalism."

-- L. Foxman, Alhambra Home Owner 

- L. Foxman

My experience with Team NuVision has always been great

"My experience with Team NuVision has always been great. I've been using their services for more than 5 times in the past few years and their services just keep getting better. I would recommend them for all your real estate need from buying and selling residential properties to commercial properties."

-- Sandy C, Arcadia, CA.


- Sandy C