What Happens From Listing To Sale When You Hire Our Team

Noah Manuel
Thursday, March 17, 2022
What Happens From Listing To Sale When You Hire Our Team

What exactly happens from listing to sale when you hire our team? Once a private in-home diagnostic analysis has been performed, and you have a full understanding of what your home will sell for, our team will give you some tips on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do to get top dollar, as well as go over all the costs you will have.

So, you will know how much money you’ll have leftover after you sell your home. A custom advertising and marketing plan is prepared for your home after all the necessary information is obtained from you. When we meet with you at your home, we then create a customized marketing plan, fine tune it and then you write the ads, sales sheets, and other information about the home. This is important because we are only part of a small percentage of agents from all over North America that have invested over $18,000,000 learning advertising strategies and obtaining licensing rights to use exclusive ad copy.

In fact, in our market area, we are known as the top real estate marketing copywriters in real estate advertising. The choice of even one word versus another may mean four weeks or more on the market or $20,000 added or subtracted from the buyer’s offer. If you scoured not just our market area, but the entire continent, you could not find more qualified adept, real estate advertisement writers than us. The aggressive marketing begins through multiple media channels.

There are 16 key systems that activate to get your home sold fast and for top dollar and all of this happens within 72 hours of listing your home. Our message to you today should give you a good idea about our home selling system and how and why it gets results. If a home sale for top dollar in your timeframe and with the least inconvenience is what you’re after, contact us today and start packing.

Click this link (or image above) to watch the video and start packing – https://wtv.done4you.tv/play/15943/1091/yourhomesoldguaranteed


We already have over 57,000 buyers-in-waiting looking to buy a home!


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