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    To discuss the sale of your home, Call Kyle (626) 215-2368 and Start Packing!


    For a free report that details the inner workings of this exclusive offer, go to www.MyGuaranteedProgram.com    
    To discuss the sale of your home, call Kyle at (626) 215-2368 and start packing!


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    Clients Endorsements:

    "My family and I migrated to the US couple years ago and we finally decided to buy a house. Since this is our first time we don't have any experience at all. We started looking for our dream house since mid 2012 and had at least 5 agents worked for us. We physically looked at more than 100 houses and we won't be success to buy any of them. Either the listing price is too high we cannot afford or there were too many buyers offered higher than us. We started to realise with our financial situation we won't be able to buy a house. We started giving up. 

    Miracle came just in a sudden. A friend of mine introduced Kyle to me and we started figured everything out and started to offer again in June 2013. With Kyle excellent negotiating skills and professional opinions, we finally entered into escrow less than a month. I was so suprised Kyle made it in such a competitive market and successfully beat the other 6 offers. We finally closed escrow on 8/6/2013.

    Kyle is such a nice person, intelligent, responsible and patience. He answered all our questions we had and explained in details. Unlike other agents, he never gave us a pushy feeling. We really appreciate everything Kyle did to us.

    If your current agent is irresponsible, never pick up the phone when you need them, I sincerely urge you to contact Kyle. He definitely can help you out. Remember, having an agent to represent you is easy, finding a helpful agent is difficult."


    It was our first time selling a property so we did not know what to expect. We were surprised that it happened so quickly and smoothly. Kyle was very helpful and patient with a few of our silly questions. He always kept us up to date and was available whenever we had a question. The best part is he was able to find us a seller who's offer was way more than what we expected!"

    "My wife and I has had the privelage of having Kyle represent us as buyers, sellers, and also as new landlords. We continued to work with Kyle becase he is trustworthy, hardworking, knowledgable, and friendly. I'll describe each of our experiences below. 

    We met Kyle when looking to purchase a new single family home since we had outgrown our condo. He was actually representing the seller of the home. His first impression on us was what made us decide to ask him to represent us as well. He is very professional and never pushy or aggressive when it comes to sales and questions. He is very patient and easy to talk to. I've worked in the sales industry for some time and can tell who will annoy me within the first few seconds of meeting them. Trust me, Kyle was not one of those people and showed that to us time and time again. He represented both parties fairly and honestly, and closed the deal quickly. 

    After moving into the home, we decided to rent out our condo and had no knowledge on how to do it. We asked Kyle for his professional assistance, and he was able to help in everything from posting the rental, finding/interviewing clients, setting up direct deposit payments, and finishing the entire process! This was a HUGE load off our shoulders and was totally worth it! I'm glad to say that the tenants were amazing and stayed for about 18 months. 

    When our condo was vacant, my wife and I were planning on renting it out again, but we decided that being landlords was not for us since we are growing our family. I looked into sales comparisons and realized that the market was on the upswing. Once we decided to sell, we contacted Kyle right away and he was able to draw up a plan, find comparisons, and give us an estimate on what we were looking to sell at. During the entire process, Kyle was much more of a help by picking me up and driving me back and forth to the condo because I had knee surgery and was unable to operate my vehicle at the time. Now THAT is patience and service! After a successful open house, he was able to get us about a dozen offers within the first week. We are glad to say that he helped us sell our condo for $28k over the asking price! 

    Kyle is like family to us and was always there to answer questions and take on the difficult real estate tasks when they came. After going through the process of buyer and seller, we experienced first hand that his team has something that really works. They have all their bases covered and know how to take care of you and your familes. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone looking to buy, sell, or lease their home. He's our agent and is family now. Thanks again Kyle for making things easier for a new and growing family!"

    "Kyle, without a doubt, is an exceptional realtor. Within seeing 5 condos, we made our first offer and it was accepted. Our offer was several thousands of dollars below the highest offer, but Kyle positioned it to be the most attractive to the seller. Kyle's many years of experience was definitely the tipping point between buying a property and letting one slip away. Within 3 weeks, we closed on the deal and I'm extremely pleased with the results. 

    Throughout the home-buying process, there will be problems that come up and it's the job of the realtor to be reassuring, calm, collected, and effective. Kyle is the epitome of those descriptors. And most of all, he will not try and push you to buy a property you don't want/like. I would highly recommend his services to anyone buying or selling a property.

    "it has been a great experience working with Kyle. 

    From the start of the selling process until the closing of escrow; he kept us informed every step of the way. Kyle's knowledge is highly impressive, his familiarity with the entire process was top rate, his negotiation skill was second to none, but most importantly, Kyle always protects our interest to the fullest.

    I am extremely happy to found Kyle to act as our agent. I highly recommend him!

    "If you want your house to sell fast And above the asking price, I would strongly recommend you to call Kyle NGO. We recently list our house in El Monte for $409,000 with another agent( who I do not want to name). The other agent was only able to get us 1 offer a little under our asking price which my wife was not happy about. Then we were introduce to Kyle by a friend and the first thing he did was sit down with us and write out a strategic plan. Within a month, we sold our house for $433,800. An experience agent can make a world of difference And I would 1000% recommend everyone to call Kyle NGO if you want to sell your house fast and over the asking price."


    "I would strongly recommend Kyle and the VIP program to home buyer especially in today's competitive environment. I started my home purchase for almost a year. I was either unable to get accepted for my offers or taking too long to make a decision and missed the opportunity. Then, I found Kyle's team and the VIP program about two and half months ago. I decided to appoint Kyle as my exclusive home buying agent for 6 months since Kyle is very knowledgeable and the VIP program is very promising. We started the home buying process. After touring a few houses, within a week, I found this house in a quiet neighborhood, not too far from work, and the price range is within my expectation. I made an offer. There were 19 offers and the seller's agent told us that we are not the highest offer. With Kyle's strong presentation and negotiation skill, my offer got accepted because the seller and her realtor were very impressed by Kyle and the VIP program. With every help from Kyle and his team, we closed the deal within 30 days. 

    I wanted to mention that the VIP programalso offer a buy back option. If the buyer is not satisfied with the house for any reason, the VIP program will buy back the house from the buyer within 1 year. That is very promising and helpful, especially for a first time investor and single parent. I feel a relieve. I am lucky to find this wonderful team to help me. Thanks Kyle and the VIP program! I am looking forward to have Kyle and his team to help me buying and selling more investment properties in the future." 

    "In this discouraging real estate market Kyle was able to not only find me a house in my price range but find me a home in my desired location. Kyle's negotiating and persistent skills made my offer stand out and be choosen out of numerous and lucrative offers made by others. I stongly believe that without Kyle I would still be looking for my home. Thank you Kyle for making my dream come true of finding my home."

    "Kyle is very very friendly and patient.It took us a while to close the escrow due to issues with the bank but Kyle stayed on top of things and kept us posted all the time. If you're buying your home for the first time, Kyle should be your first choice. I would recommend him without a doubt."

    "Do you feel you have an real estate agent who doesn't know what they are doing or what they are talking about? Ever feel that your real estate agent is not responsive to your calls or even listens to you about what you want? If you say yes to any or all of the above then look no further. Kyle Ngo is the real estate agent for YOU!

    In the beginning of our house hunting, my husband and I already knew we will be going up against some stiff competition. With house inventory being low and many buyers competing for the same property, my husband and I were pretty skeptical. Our first agent we had, just made the house hunting experience even worse for us and we were quite furious with his way of "doing things".

    When things got rough, a friend of mines told me her great experience with Kyle and recommended me to go see him. When I first met Kyle, he was so patient. He listened to everything about what my husband and I were looking for in a house. When it was time to put in a offer in our dream home, Kyle came out on top for us. He did everything what we envisioned an experienced real estate agent will do. Kyle just doesn't perform 100%, he perfroms 110%!!!!

    Thank you Kyle!!! You have no idea how grateful we are to have you found. Because of you, we now have a place to call our home."

    "Kyle helped my parents and I with our property purchase. He is very patient and not pushy, but will make sure we are meeting deadlines and will do everything he can to make sure we have a strong offer. He was very patient with us and represented us well during the home buying process. Kyle is also very responsive! He'll email/ text/ call you back in a timely manner and make sure all of your questions are answered. During our negotiation process, Kyle went above and beyond and worked as hard as he could within reason to get what we want. He truly understands the concept of outstanding customer service! I would highly recommend Kyle for your home purchase!!"

    "As a first time home seller, Kyle took ownership of the entire home selling process on our behalf. During his initial visit, he provided a detailed strategy based on analysis he had conducted prior to our first meeting and executed that strategy perfectly.

    Kyle was always diligent, courteous, proactive, supportive, and answered any questions we may have (without the typical salesman approach). 

    Bottom line. Thanks to Kyle, we were able to sell our home on an aggressive timeline, at a price we were happy with, and with little to no issues. I would DEFINITELY recommend Kyle to anyone looking to sell their home and have a knowledgeable, professional, and kind person represent them through the escrow process.

    Thanks Kyle for everything. We will forever be greatful."

    "Having worked in the mortgage industry for over 8 years, I've learned that your average real estate agent is complete idiot with no idea on what they are doing. They're not much better then a used car salesmen. Well, Kyle is NOT your typical real estate agent. He was never pushy and was patient throughout our search. Every step of the process, he made sure to explain what was going on, what he was doing, and why. He went out of his way to make sure we were all on the same page. Friends who have been through the home buying process have warned us not to use someone we knew to help us buy our home. Evidently, many of them ended up hating their agents after all was said and done and friendships were ruined. I've known Kyle for quite some time now and figured this would be good way to end a waning friendship. ;p j/k Quick response time; all my calls and text messages were returned within the same day. Excellent and personable service. Kyle is a true professional that I would gladly recommend to all my friends and family looking for a real estate agent. He is excellent agent that you can trust and depend on who has YOUR best interest in mind. I could go on and on about how great Kyle is but most of you will probably have stopped reading now and have gone on to the next review so I'll just end it here.

    From the bottom of our hearts "Thank you so much"

    The Wu family." 

    "I've knownKyle for many years and I knew when it was time to purchase our first home, he would be the person to call. Not knowing much on purchasing a home, Kyle walked us through the steps and explained everything in detail. Kyle did not pressure us to purchase anything we didn't like. When we found a house we liked, Kyle went out of his way to show us the house on Thanksgiving day! He explained what approach he wanted to take and how he was going to draw up the offer and and it worked! He is very creative. He later notified us that we were up against 30 offers and they selected ours! Over all Kyle is very knowledgeable and is willing to help you find what you need. He responds quickly to all your questions and requests whether it is by email, text or phone. We put our trust in Kyle and he got us a great house! Thank you Kyle for everything you have done for us! We really appreciate it!"

    "I will definitely recommend Kyle to anybody who wants to buy property at this crazy market. I called it crazy because I have been out bid so many times through other brokers. I even offered much higher than the asking price and still did not get the property until I met Kyle at the seminar on Dec 15, 2012.

    With Kyle’s expertise, excellent negotiation skills, sense of urgency, and guidance, Kyle helped me to buy my rental property below the asking price. I don’t know how he did but he made it happened.

    Thank you very much Kyle for your help!"


    "Kyle is a very professional and trust worthy realtor. He is awesome when negotiating and marketing the properties. I look forward to selling and purchasing more homes through Kyle.....!!!!!!!"

    "KYLE NGO is the BEST agent out there! He helped my husband and I purchase our very first home in Covina! 

    Before we found Kyle, we had worked with many agents prior and the whole home buying process was stressful, agonizing, frustrating, not to mention time consuming! 

    Kyle has a wealth of knowledge and is super easily available. He can be reached at any time of the day via phone, email, and/or texts. He answered all of our questions. In this competitive market it really helps to have someone who has experience and is super speedy because it is a buyers market. 

    There were multiple offers on the home we looked at. However, with Kyle's expertise, speedy response time, and guidance, my husband and I made an informed decision and our offer was accepted, just in time for Christmas. 

    Thank You so much Kyle! Because of you, we have a place to call our HOME! "

    Love, the Ly's


    "Kyle Ngo is an EXCELLENT realtor. I had the privilege of having Kyle Ngo help me to find and buy my first home in Temple City. It was a long process for me (took me 5 months) but he was there from the very beginning to the end. I learned that buying a house is not just finding the house but doing lots of paperwork and talking to LOTS of people from beginning to end and I'm glad that I had a very hard working and thorough person like Kyle help me out throughout this ENTIRE process.

    What I enjoyed the most aboutKyle was that he was very THOROUGH in his work with me. He was also EXCELLENT in communication via emails, texts, and phone calls not just with me but with all the other people in this house buying process such as the seller's realtor, the loan officer, the escrow officer, and etc.

    Anotherunique asset about Kyle is that he has the knowledge and experience in purchasing many houses (from his own to many other rental properties) so he gives you perspective from a homeowner AND an investor's perspective...that is a PLUS that you don't see in many realtors out there.

    If youwant a SOLID trustworthy and hard working realtor to represent you from beginning to the end in a thorough way to be on your side all the way through, then Kyle Ngo is the realtor for you!"

    "Excellent purchase experience. Kyle had a wealth of knowledge on the key areas and was great with responding to questions in a timely manner."

    "We were veryhappy with Kyle as our realtor. He was very patient with us and helped us find a great home! Another great thing about Kyle as our realtor is that he's quick to respond to u when u have a question."


    "Afterfinally deciding to list our home for sale, we reached out to Kyle to help us. This was our first time selling a home so we had tons of questions. Kyle patiently answered each and every one of them and made himself available at anytime. He guided us through all the steps and through his hard work, we received an offer just within 48hrs of our initial listing. Needless to say, we were ecstatic. Kyle has been a true professional throughout the process and someone we will highly recommend to anyone in need of real estate professional. We will be looking into purchasing another home in the near future and the only agent we trust in helping us is Kyle."

    "Kyle helpedmy family and I buy our first home. As first time home buyers we had no idea what to expect.I will admit it is not a nice process, but he was there every step of the way.Not only did he provide his profesional services but we also felt he gave us his honest opinion on what was best for us. Kyle was so easy to work with and always available when we needed him. Kyle was professional, honest, and made this stressful process as easy as he could. Anyone looking to buy a home and work with someone you can trust call Klye. We can not thank him enough!"

    "As first-time home owners, my husband and I experienced the natural anxieties that come with making a huge purchase. From the get-go Kyle addressed our concerns, answered all of our questions but most importantly, he made us feel comfortable at each step. He wasn't just trying to get us into any home, he took the time to give us the pros and cons so that we knew exactly what time of home we were buying and what to expect through the process. I cannot thank him enough for his diligence and his real concern for the families he is helping! Also worth noting is his extensive knowledge of the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas. This definitely helped as we realized we needed to expand our geographical search in order to find a home that met our needs."

    "Kylewas introduced to my husband and I through a mutual friend and highly recommended by several other friends. My husband and I had planned on moving to the Torrance area and needed to sell our home in a timely manner. We had not even looked around for a buying agent until Kyle volunteered to find one for us! He found us an exceptional agent in the Torrance/Rancho Palos Verdes area whom just recently was awarded Realtor of the Year through her agency. When it was time to put our house on the market, Kyle helped us through every step of the process. He was accessible during all times of the day and always remained professional and patient during the negotiations phase. Paper work was not a fun nor easy task but Kyle made it quite painless and answered all our questions thoroughly. He also knows reputable and competent people-- termite inspection, house inspection, cleaners etc. Kyle was our number one source for all other referrals to other services."

    "We loved working with Kyle. He was very open to showing us all kinds of houses. He worked around our schedule and was always available in person, by phone, email- 24/7. He worked with us through a challenging sale and made it happen. We live our home! I've referred anyone I know who's looking to buy to speak with Kyle."

    "Kyle was amazing during the home buying process for my husband and I. Being a first time home buyer, I was very nervous, and clueless. He showed a great deal of professionalism. He made sure the entire process went smoothly. Kyle was very helpful in finding our new home. We had a wide variety of requirements that we were looking in our new home and Kyle was very diligent in finding us the right home. He was very quick in responding to all our questions. Kyle helped me through the entire process. He is full of energy and gives his honest opinion on the properties. I truly feel that Kyle was a perfect fit for my husband and I. I would certainly recommend Kyle to our friends/family members. Our next house we will definitely use Kyle again."

    "Kyle is your guy if you wanna buy a house. He was my agent and I told him what I was looking for and my price range and when we went to look at houses all the houses met my criteria and UNDER the range I was looking for. I can tell his top priority is not to get that commission from a sale but to satisfy his clients."

    "Kyle Ngo has been my Real Estate Agent for almost 10 years now. One Big reason that I have always stick with Kyle as my agent is because of his Honesty!! There's nothing more important than having a reliable, patient and experienced agent to process through such a big transaction like Buying or Selling a Home. As a picky buyer, Kyle has been very patient and detail in viewing each property with me. He always make sure the properly fit all my needs, never being pushy and never try to close a quick sale. As an aggressive seller, Kyle has achieved to the best offer for my home. Smooth Transaction as always! 6 months ago, I was so close in signing an offer for a home that I only liked 80%. Kyle didn't want me to be satisfied with that. Instead of making a quick sale by selling me the home. He went beyond the call of duty to show me other properties at a more desirable area. Thanks God he did that!! He found us this Incredible home with a breath taking view, an open floor plan that meet all my requirements within my Budget. There's not a day that we have doubt in our home,,WE LOVE IT ... NOW that's a Great Agent! Thank you again Kyle!! We look forward to continue any future home purchasing / selling with you!"

    "I was introduced to Kyle by a good friend at work. She had offered his name up to me after I finished telling her a story about our former RE agent (Tommy Gibson). The experience with Tommy had left a bitter and awful impression behind so I was hesistant to trust anyone after that. We had a first meeting Kyle to discuss our options for our home and he never once pressured or tried to sell me on his services. He listened compassionatley and offered sound advice on the strategy that he felt would be the best route for our family. It took us eight long months to finalize the sale of our home but through it all Kyle keep us informated and was with us through every step of the way. I would highly recommend Kyle as I feel he is one of the few agents out there that really cares about his clients and not just how much money he will make off them. He was so trustworthy that we even recommended him to our friends and family."